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What is Topcon Totalcare?

Our industry and markets are changing. Technology that affects the way our customers work every day is growing and expanding at a feverish pace. New hardware and software advancements continue to deliver higher levels of efficiency and more productivity. In our highly competitive field, we must keep up with technology developments our customers demand or risk being left behind. Topcon TotalCare in the touch point for all Topcon and Sokkia information.  This site is powered by several teams within the Topcon Positioning Company, including Topcon University (TU), Topcon Europe Support (TEP Support), the Topcon Marketing Team, the Topcon Corporate Events Team and the Topcon Technical Support team (TTS).

Support Team (TEP)

Ronald Verheijen

Topcon support staff are working for you, the customer. Customer Support is a function of how well an organization is able to constantly and consistently meet, and indeed exceed, the needs of the customer.

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* subscription required for non-Topcon distributors

Marketing Team (Global)


Topcon marketing staff are working for you, our partners. With that in mind, we develop marketing materials that are globally usable, and yet localized for your business needs.

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* restricted to those having completed Marketing Xperience

Technical Support (TPS)

Jim Hinson

Topcon Technical Support (TTS) represents a group a subject matter experts that are here for you. TTS supports TPS Dealers and TotalCare Subscribers from a state-of-the-art call center.


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* restricted to TPS Distribution

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